Daily budgets / forecasting / exclusions

(Will) #1

I think it’d be really helpful to see the available daily budget on the home screen of the app. Something that clearly tells me the most I should spend today to be able to stay within budget by the end of the month.

However, in addition to this it’d be useful to be able to exclude certain expenses from budgets, particularly when it comes to forecasting and notifications.

What I’ve found recently (since pretty much completely switching to Monzo as primary bank) is that once my mortgage and bills leave the account, any expense on any day triggers a notification telling me I’m going to overspend, presumably because my average spend per day starts off super high.

If I could exclude these expenses, maybe from my target budget, then I’d get a better view of what I should be spending on a daily basis.


Yeah I always thought the targets were pretty useless on their own. I’d forget about them constantly and ignored the traffic light notifications. The monthly values would change constantly to be useful.

An optional daily budget that adjusted daily to what you spend previously would be great. If you spent more yesterday the next days budget would reflect that. Obviously it would exclude committed spending.


This is already possible in Monzo Labs

(Richard Kattan) #4

Yeah, a daily budget indicator would be excellent.