Export Statements as CSV / Excel files


I would like to export my statements as an excel or CSV file but only have the option to do export a PDF. Am I missing something?

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Thank you but I don’t see where the ‘Summary Page’ is?

I have have a ‘Manage Your Account’ Page which then has ‘statement history’ from which I can export statements but no option to change the format.

On iOS click the pie chart symbol top right to go to Budgets & Summary?

It’s at the bottom of that page after Spending, Committed, Income, and Pots.

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If you find that help page the hyperlink to Summary works as well :wink:

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Thank you soooooooo much. It’s easy when you know how. I really appreciate your help.


Glad you found it - if you mark the correct answer as solved it should help anyone else searching for this :+1:

Ps I’m on a test version so I’ve also sent feedback to :monzo: about this.

The image that they posted above is from the help section of the app (bottom right corner).

If you get stuck with anything, having a quick search in there as sometimes this can send you directly to the place you need to go :slight_smile:

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