Change to top up in Android?


In the past card top up came with suggested amounts but you could click on the field backspace and change the amount to another figure. Now the amounts are fixed and there is no way to avoid £10 multiples even if you want to say pay £15, £25 or even £43.21 :slight_smile: which does not fit with the concept of a bank to make life easier but more the ‘Computer says No’ feel of a big bank!

(Dylan Duffy) #2

This is the same on IOS - I wondered where the feature went.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

I think there might have been some confusion here, in the past few months since I’ve been using Monzo, manually entering a certain amount has never been an option & there’s a comment from Hugo in January, explaining why it’s not an option


Maybe it was a glitch in Android app but sure I did it around 12-14 Sept? Maybe I am just going senile :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #5

Ah ok, I’m not an Android user so I wouldn’t have seen that.

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

@anon44204028 I’m afraid that’s the way we currently want the top up feature to work. We might reconsider it in the future but so far it’s working nicely.

If you want to top up a certain amount you can always top up via transfer though, would that work for you?


yep. I appreciate that and am happy to use bank transfers, though I still regard it is a limitation in the app.

Maybe have the + and - keys for people to select a set denomination but a second row below where they can type in a box?

It is not just me that feels this way. As I have seen others comment in the community about it as well

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

You’re right. There’s a few people asking for it, that’s why I think we might change it at some point :slight_smile:

On the other hand, by the time we can offer current accounts the concept of “top up” will disappear and you’ll get your salary paid in :sunglasses:


even if a salary is paid in by BACS you may still wish to top up your account with a card perhaps from another bank account

(Ben Green) #10

Wouldn’t that be classed as a payment under the conventional faster payments scheme? This is already on the roadmap.


A non-BACS bank to bank transfer would be FPS but card payments (e.g. top up) are processes differently to the best of my knowledge and are not FPS

(Josh Bray) #12

Not sure that they would allow for topups, it would require you to process a transfer from one account to your monzo account.


Knowing Monzo they probably won’t but there is no reason why they could not accept deposits by BACS, FPS transfers and card topup payments

(Josh Bray) #14

It would probably be extra work really