Ex partner using an old card

My ex boyfriend has an old card of mine and keeps using it to travel even though I reported my card stolen and received my new card.

I have no way of getting the card back but keep being charged when he uses it.

Is there anything I can do?

Can you not have the card frozen and this would stop your ex from using it? Unless it’s frozen then he will be able to keep using it

This isn’t possible.

You need to speak to Monzo. Go to help, search for “Contact” and select “Contacting Us”


It is frozen and I have a new card but he still seems to be able to use it on buses, that’s where the payment is being declined. When I unfreeze the new card they will attempt to take the money even though it’s an old card.

Does he know your email password and PIN? He could be logging into your account and accessing your card details from there if so. If there’s any chance he knows these details, you should change your email password (and possibly recovery information) and your PIN.

ETA as buses reply wasn’t there when I was typing: Ohh, it’s a travel offline transaction, those can be tricksy. As said above, your best option is to contact Monzo support in app and ask what they can do to help.

It is possible as he tried to use it on First West of England buses. He has done it previously with other bus companies and it has worked as when I unfreeze the account they take the money for the fare.

My suspicion is your ex has it set up with one of the mobile wallets. When you get a new card, Apple Pay automatically updates to carry on working. You need to ask Monzo to put a stop to that.


He doesnt have access to the account, just an old card that I reported to Monzo. They have replaced the card with a new one.


If you’ve reported your card as stolen, he isn’t using that card.

It could be an ApplePay situation, but you need to report this to Monzo.

I have discussed this with Monzo now and they have reassured me that no payments will be taken. Thank you all :slight_smile:


Fantastic, I’m happy to hear you’ve been able to resolve this :slightly_smiling_face: