Report fraud without cancelling card

Closed as it’s been sorted.

You can’t. If it’s fraud, then you’ll need to cancel the card.

You could subscribe to Plus, get a virtual card, attach that to a pot, put all the money in there and spend freely.

Or manually do the above moving it back when you need it. Or freeze and unfreeze the card. Then report when you get home.


Huge caveat with this. It will go against them when reporting as fraud. Especially if they want the money back.

Monzo will want to know why they waited so long to report it, and I don’t think the being on holiday and needing the card excuse would fly. OP should contact Monzo support and see if they’re OK with them doing that first.

I wouldn’t bother paying for the virtual card either. If they need it abroad it’s going to be point of sale transactions, so limited to use of the mobile wallet. Apple Pay should carry on working after reporting the card is cancelled.

Monzo can also deliver a replacement card abroad. £30 though via DHL (not sure why the crazy markup, you can overnight letters with DHL to almost anywhere in Europe for around £15). Support might waive if you ask though.


I would definitely report it right away if you expect it to be reimbursed.

You need to see if there’s any solution Monzo have on the card or find another payment method for the trip.

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If I recall it’s the card supplier that charges that. Monzo said in the past they charge no markup on the delivery I am sure.


I don’t think it does, when I reported fraud I got all the “removed from ApplePay” notifications

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Can’t you just re-add it from the app afterwards with the replacement card details?

I don’t have any experience with Monzo here, so I’ll defer to you, but I thought it was a solved problem with fintech.

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