EV charge point and security checks

I’ve just encountered a bit of a scary situation.
Tapping my card on an EV charger only to be told I need to do a chip and pin security check.

luckily I had a credit card, so I wasn’t out of options, but what would I have done with an empty battery, no phone/signal and no alternative payment method?

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Some questions.

Were you trying to pay contactless? Was there a reason you couldn’t just place the card in and put your pin in?

This is part of SCA requirements where every £100 or so the card will ask for Pin, that’s the same with any bank.


You should be able to open the app and look at the transaction & it should give you an option against the transaction to say “can’t do chip and pin right now” or whatever, and it’ll authorise the same payment for the same amount again :slight_smile:


Usually it’s an RFID card or contactless only on these machines.

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Very useful! Thanks for the feedback.

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Didn;t know this was even a thing. TIL


I had it with a contactless vending machine one time abroad with my Monzo card :smiley:


I had the same with an EV charge attempt. Although the public charger said it worked with the Electroverse card (permanently located in the car), it didn’t. And I only had my phone with me so I tried paying with Monzo - JA, obvs - and got the SCA limit just when I didn’t need it. Sorted it in-app though via fingerprint authorisation there-and-then, which was nice.

Would that work if I hit my limit and I was in Tesco for example?

Wow, MichaelW coming in clutch with the information no one knew about

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That’s what i’m wondering. I normally pay via Google Pay but I might try this next time I go shopping.
Just adjusted my contactless limits to try and force this based on how much I normally spend so i can try it out.
Apologies in advance to anyone stuck in the queue behind me this weekend… lol

No idea. But I’d imagine if you’re in that situation in Tesco, you could just chip & pin? :stuck_out_tongue:

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