Card chip and pin notification

It would be useful if the app could notify prior to chip and pin having to be used for a card payment instead of it being automatically declined at the checkout which is a real pain. Any thoughts?

You can see this :smiley:
Go to your Card then click Account then limits and allowances you’ll see how much until you need to use your pin

Hope this helps

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I get a notification to use Chip and PIN if I’m nearing my limit?


I do too.
Something along the lines of ‘please use chip and pin next time you use your card’

I just found this out, thanks soo much!

Ah. Will keep a closer eye out then. Thank you.

Brilliant :slight_smile: thank you!

Here’s an example of the notification on :android:;

If you use Google pay or apple pay then it eliminates all of this and will just work every time


I agree. Yesterday I was called back when leaving the shop as my transaction had failed and I needed to enter chip and pin. It was slightly embarrassing and inconvenient.

Contactless is about convenience and having to keep checking your limit, to know when is will happen, is not. That’s not a solution.

I can understand why this regulation has been implemented, and is a sensible extra security measure for some many customers. But not for me.

I keep a limited amount of cash on my card, so not much to lose. If my card was stolen/lost and used, I get instant notification on my phone and can freeze my card.

I suggest the option to turn off this security check as my first preference.
Failing that a much higher optional higher limit before C&P is needed, and a warning message when within £30 of the limit being hit.

They can’t change the limit or turn it off as it’s a regulation they have to follow

You should have had an in app notification after the previous transaction to use chip and pin next time

Now that we are out of the EU this is the sort of thing that you could lobby your MP on. I don’t think the government will repeal the regulation but there could be scope to change how it operates in practice.

I can confirm it does, however, it could be weeks before I use the card over GooglePay, and to remember that it is needed skips my memory.

Happened last week :man_shrugging:

Since the UK agreed with it I’d say they might agree to some tinkering but no a massive change

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Working in a shop I can’t say it’s been a huge deal. Most people are starting to understand when the terminal declines and prompts them to insert their card. A few, generally older customers, have got flustered when it declines and they’re adamant they have money in their account… I’ve just had to explain that it’s a requirement from their bank and to contact them for more info and that using Chip and PIN will reset it.

Have had a couple of people walk away after tapping at self service tills and not waiting for approval which is then declined. Have just asked them to come back use Chip and PIN, and reminded them to wait for approval. :man_shrugging:

Interestingly, the amount of people that have got so use to just using contactless that they struggled to actually remember their PIN when required seems kinda common, heh.


All my other cards, it almost immediately says on the machine’s screen, ‘Please insert card’, or, ‘Please use chip and PIN’, or something like that - with Monzo it just declines it with a declined message.

Is it a setting on the card?

Im fairly sure I have had the notification on the POS terminal to use chip and pin with Monzo contactless

Depends on the terminal. Ours use to just say declined but we’re recently updated to say insert card.

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Maybe it’s the age of the card? Mine is from one of the first batches that were sent out when they changed from pre-paid.

I remember reading something about ‘new’ chips? I think?

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If you already understand it is a regulation, then why would think an option to turn it off would be acceptable?

As I said to someone else in another thread a long time back, why would you leave the POS terminal before you know a transaction is approved? It is your own fault you were called back and embarrassed.