European Super League

BBC News - European Super League: Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ agree to join new league

Football Twitter is just this now


Once one drops off the rest will also , fomo got them all to sign up , that’s my expert prediction.

My Twitter TL is about the most uniform and outraged I have ever seen it on any topic, including elections and referenda

Happy to the be resident Monzo Community person cum lightning rod who is totally cool with the idea though


I’ve seen a lot of statements from teams/politicians saying that it’s a bad idea - but I’ve yet to see one statement as to why it’s a bad idea.

Can anyone ELI5 for me?

The unusual argument against it when it’s been mentioned before is it creates an elite who take all the money without any passing down to lower leagues/poorer clubs

I haven’t seen any mention of a promotion or relegation system so the big clubs will stay the big clubs. Well, the big clubs and Tottenham


The likes of Gary Neville, Dion Dublin and Danny Murphy have been speedy in their condemnation - and very articulate too.

The various national and international governing bodies are already squaring up to condemn it. Threats include disbarment of players from playing for their country or in any other European competitions.

The competition has no promotion/relegation embedded. It’s a seeming money-spinning venture which would bail at last one of the sides out of a huge financial hole.

I predict it won’t happen.


Memories of Cricket and Laker :roll_eyes:


It’s disliked because the founding clubs aren’t there on sporting merit. If it becomes a financial success, those clubs will have an unfair advantage in their home leagues.

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I don’t think it will either. This idea has been mooted for a decade or more. All that will happen is they get a better split/what they want of a reformatted CL.


A lot of the complaints/objections also seem to be of the “jumpers for goalposts” misty eyed view that it is still the 1950s and all is just fine in football finances and that the Premier League and Champions League never happened

Even if I was to pay £80 a month I could still not (legally) watch my team play live more than every three weeks in the league (in this country!), which is just preposterous in the age of Netflix and Disney+

Something has to give somewhere

This is likely a major shot across the bows, but we shall see

Spurs have taken the headlines now anyway.


Football club badges are fun.

Chelsea have a symbol of bravery - a lion
Arsenal have a powerful weapon - a cannon
West Ham have symbols of strength - iron hammers

What do Tottenham have? A chicken balancing on a beachball.


On the local facebook group the local team announced they were joining it and there was a chorus of ‘great news’. When I asked (as a non football fan who’s only seen it on the news) why it was so great I got a bunch of replies saying it was bad.

So still very confused…

Haven’t we been here before though? There used to be just 4 divisions then a bunch broke away and created the premiere league.

Completely different scenario. That was effectively just re-brand. This will ruin the whole football pyramid.

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Been hearing a lot about this football pyramid, but yet to see any photos of it.

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Not as touristy as the football Sphinx

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And wouldn’t the football fall off the top?

It’s basically an upside down pyramid and the bricks are bricks of money.

And they want to get rid of all the supporting bricks and just float in mid-air.

Not the biggest football fan, but this just seems to be the importing of everything bad about US sports leagues, with none of the good.

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