Premier League - Happy with where your team finished?

Well what an end to a very strange season! For all the football (soccer) fans here, how did your team do? Are you happy with the final standings?

I’m a Liverpool fan so yep :grin:


They’ve had a tremendous season! I am of course, a fan of one of the Welsh clubs here (although we aren’t going to the Premier League anytime soon), but I do enjoy watching Manchester United. They’ve had a tough season but finished in a respectable place considering all of the inconsistencies!

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Newcastle fan here - Suppose I have to be happy just to remain in the league with the current pantomime going on in the background


Liverpool fan, but also a Cardiff City fan

Always good to see the Welsh derby :wink:

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Newport County fan me! :wink:May be sometime before we meet again!

Don’t think Pontypridd ever had a football team, so as used to live in Beddau it was always Cardiff :joy:

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Welsh Football League Division Three - According to Google :joy:

Not a big football fan, but Man U it is.

Pretty happy with the result, although it could have obviously been better.

Next season will certainly be an interesting one!

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Survived thanks to a VAR hiccup v Sheffield United :metal:

Saw them v Weymouth many years ago in the Conference.

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Some cracking times during our conference days. Glad to be back in the Football League though! Although it has been etchy on some occasions!

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My beloved Terras are in the National League South Play off Final next Saturday, so :crossed_fingers: could be in English Division 3 next season :grin:

Man Utd here and I’m happy with where we finished it was stressful and nerve racking at times but I’m glad the lads and Ole managed to make it happen and we finished 3rd and back into the Champs League :slight_smile:

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Dartford for me!

Boooo!!! :rofl:

Never expected them to beat Havant, though the hosts did have a man sent off.

Premier League - Aston Villa. Need dramatic improvement next season to avoid another relegation battle. Need the form of our last four games!

My team (West Ham) left them off the hook, they looked like they were jogging around like a training session!
I don’t think Bournmouth fans will be best pleased when they watch it!!


Yeah, it was a pretty dramatic last day.

Sat down to watch the game, only to find that my Sky Sport subscription provided coverage of eight PL matches, none of which were my game. That was taken by BT Sport :angry:

Listened to the match on BBC 5 Live, while watching Arsenal v Watford (first half), then Everton v Bournemouth (second half).

Nail biting at the end. Was still celebrating Jack’s goal when the equaliser went in :man_facepalming:

I’m a Arsenal fan, how the mighty have fallen…Still I guess the team have a lot of rebuilding to do. Hopefully keeping Aubameyang and getting rid of Ozil is our two main targets for the start of the next season.

We lost and drawn many games that we should of drawn or won but such is life. We have a extremely capable manager (now the less we speak about the last one the better.) Hopefully we will kick on next season. Onwards and upwards.