Cricket World Cup Final 🏏

England won their first-ever Cricket world cup yesterday.

In my opinion, this was the greatest sporting contest ever. (I know tennis was also epic yesterday, oh and there were some cars going around in circles too)

There might not be many cricketing fans here so what would be your choice as the best sporting contest?


Some people are on bikes climbing up mountains for 3 weeks to…

And yes it sounds like the Cricket was a bit bonkers.

Best sporting contest is whichever one you feel most passionate about. That’s where the real depth of emotion lies. No?

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It wasn’t good for my blood pressure and I did a lot of shouting at the TV. Brilliant game, felt sorry for New Zealand

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I watched the F1, Cricket and Tennis with two of my mates in the garden (The only place we could fit each of our TV’s).

Whilst its a travesty that all three sporting occasions where on the same day - what a crazy day it was! Will live long in the memory.

The final ball of that super over we must have been 60 feet from the TV at the end! The tension was unreal.


Indeed, New Zealand were just as good and loved the way they clapped for Ben Stokes as the match went into Super over.


New Zealand are one of the only nations in the tournament I would have been happy to lose to. They deserved it.


I didn’t watch, and am not really a fan, but it does sound like a bit of a naff ending to an incredibly intense game. I know people are happy we won, but we didn’t technically beat them at cricket. I am interested to know if the teams play knowing that it’s possible the game will be decided based on boundaries?

I heard the New Zealand captain on the radio joking that he wasn’t really sure how we won but someone had to :rofl:

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For me (as a fan), a naff ending is when one team absolutely dominates.

To play 600 balls of cricket and to have the score tied in the biggest game every 4 years is… Incredible.

To then play 1 over of “sudden death” cricket is about as exciting as this sport gets (IMO of course).

The whole “boundaries” thing is a weird one, because the chances of the score being tied in regular play, and then again after the super over must be next to nothing. But if it makes people think about scoring more boundaries in future matches “just in case”, then that’s a good thing in my book.

Ultimately, going second in the super over gives you the advantage, as you know exactly what you need. If you can’t beat the previous over, it’s fair enough you lose.

Cracking game though.


Yeah, I totally agree with that. I just feel that as the probability was so small of them drawing twice they should almost have broken precedence, called it a draw and just shaken hands on it.

To have our first win in however-many-years not technically be by beating them just doesn’t quite seem fitting for such a close game.

Disagree. The rules and the existence of the super over were known before hand. It’s no different to penalty shoot out and sudden death

And I’m not an England supporter so it’s not bias :grin:

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It was a draw still then though - that’s why I was asking if they knew it could end up being down to boundaries beforehand?

Yes, all the individual cricket boards have to agree

Hard to compare across sports, but certainly the greatest limited overs cricket match given the importance of the match.

I think it should’ve gone to a bowl-out after the superover was tied. Actually, I’d never heard of superover before (probably becuase I don’t watch Twenty20). I always thought bowl-outs were how ties were decided.

I completely agree for me the whole world cup was a special of great cricket and great sportsmanship throughout.
As finals go I don’t think I’ve watched one quite that thrilling in any sport, to go to the last ball of the last over in both gameplay actual and the super over and to finally be decided on boundaries is testament to the quality of both teams performance.

I think it will go down not only in cricket history but sporting history as one of if not the best final ever played.

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Defiantly not a naff ending it shows how hard both teams were playing for it to go how it did. I’ve played and watched cricket all my life and have never seen anything like it.
It was an exciting game with some top batting and even better bowling and fielding from both teams.
An amazing win for England but also for the game of cricket as a whole.

I have got a terrible hangover today though, as have most the England team I imagine.

They are usually found to be drugged up to the eyeballs though😉

A seven week tournament ending in a draw is surely peak cricket

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I’ve not read the thread yet

but that cricket and the skills on display were phenomenal


You may just be covering bases here, but this was a One Day International (ODI) which is 50 overs each