Premier League 2020-21

Couldn’t believe there wasn’t already a thread for this (or have I missed it?)!

After Liverpool’s total domination last season, my guess is that this year will be a lot closer.

I can’t see City being so bad again and Chelsea, United and Arsenal look like they’ll be stronger.

Sad that my local team are no longer in the big time so I’m less interested in the stragglers than usual. That said, I’d love for Leeds to have a great season.

Any thoughts?

It might be because there has never been a Premier League season thread here (there was an end of season thread for the first time this year).

As a Manchester United fan it pains me to say that I think City will probably win it and if not, Liverpool again. Chelsea, Arsenal and United are still rebuilding and after watching United’s collapse against Seville and, in my own opinion a poor end of season, I don’t have high hopes. I will be happy to be proved wrong!

Great game between Liverpool and Leeds . They put up a good fight

As its not 1996 anymore, my opinion as a Newcastle fan wont hold much weight, but heres my predictions for the top 4

1- Chelsea
2 - City
3 - Liverpool
4 - Arsenal

Whats interesting for me is Leeds scoring 3 against Liverpool, If Liverpool can ship 3 goals against Leeds, then they should be running scared when they come up against the likes of Werner/Havertz for Chelsea. Equally if Leeds are capable of scoring 3 against the Champions in their own ground, then it hopefully will set a benchmark for a more open season this time round. I dont think Liverpool or City will dominate this year, like they have done between them for the last 3/4 seasons.

I don’t know why but I have a feeling Chelsea are going to sneak it by a point or two

Do you think it’s worth having a Monzo Community Fantasy Football league?

Interesting prediction, but I really don’t see Chelsea doing that well.

Chilwell is an improvement, Silva is nearly 36 and struggled in Ligue 1. A keeper helps though if they get Mendy.

Arsenal jumping from 8th to 4th too!

I think the gap will be smaller but I still think City and Liverpool will be comfortably first and second.

For me Arsenal will be the “surprise” package. They look a new team under Arteta and the confidence is back.

Much as I’m loath to say it, I can’t discount a United with a fit Rashford and Bruno.

There was one a couple of years ago.

That league is still going, I think, but the code probably doesn’t work any more.