European city breaks in winter months?

I would love to do both in one trip, but I feel like Barca deserves it’s own trip altogether, I’ve already been twice and haven’t seen everything!

I’ve been to Barcelona twice, and although I wouldn’t have said it was cheap it wasn’t all that expensive either, you can find those smaller and much better value for money places away from the big touristy areas.

Erm, they’ve had mytaxi for at least a couple of years haven’t they? Suspect cabify too. So no need to worry about no Uber :oncoming_taxi:

Last year I did Cologne and Krakow - highly recommend both of them.

Essentially I just wanted proper winter and Christmas vibes.

Never heard of that but don’t see why you would need it. The taxi fares are capped and are ridiculously low and there are cabs on every corner.

Hey, it was you who mentioned it being “unfortunate” that there’s no Uber! I was just helping to OP to know there is an almost identical equivalent :slight_smile: :taxi:

BTW, some people might “need it” actually (in exactly the same way as Uber) e.g. if you’re out of the centre where there aren’t taxis on the corner or for journeys where it’s more convenient or would save you money. Some people travel more like that :slight_smile:

Sorry to queer the pitch, slightly, but don’t rule out Granada. It’s the most friendly of Spanish cities (along with Toledo) in my experience. But there’s no beaches.

How expensive are the flights there? I only ask because flights to the aforementioned 3 are around £30 return which is a big factor.

Turn it into an adventure and go by train :mountain_railway: using

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Ok chill chill :v:. Maybe I shouldn’t have phrased it ‘unfortunately’. I generally like to use Uber.

It was happy surprise that the general cabs in Valencia are so cheap and readily available.

Is that satisfactory?

Granada has the best kebabs I’ve ever tasted. The Alhambra Palace is pretty special too.

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I guess it depends on when and where from. We flew to Malaga, stayed there a few days, then drive to Granada and back.

I’m sure EasyJet fly there, but I don’t know where from.

Really? Better than Berlin/Istanbul/Marrakech?

Can’t recommend this enough! We should all be using the train for short-haul European trips. It’s a luxurious way to travel! :train2:

If you’re intent on flying (please, please reconsider) ITAMatrix as ever will solve all your issues simply :slight_smile:

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Lisbon is stunning

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Also, I recommend Bruges (it’s in Belgium)


I grew up in Dublin. I love Dublin. If I grew up on a farm, and was retarded, Bruges might impress me but I didn’t, so it doesn’t.

In seriousness, it’s very pretty and has a nice but small underground scene.

Not sure why this was flagged? It’s a quote from the film In Bruges

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