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Sorry - slip of the brain cell. Should have said “retain its connection with the meter”. R-

My switch to Octopus went live on Sunday, just waiting for the smart meters to be linked to the account.

I’ve just actually hit the sign up to agile pricing button. So awaiting :octopus: getting back to change me over to that tariff instead.

I’ve heard smart meters are bad and the government has a warehouse full that no one wants so they flog them off - is this just a myth?

If it’s not a myth, I’ll be fuming. I’ve been virtually begging bulb for let me have a smart meter for years. There just aren’t any available for me yet.

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I recieved an email that I was eligible for a smart meter from Octopus last year so I booked an appointment.

4 separate appointments of trying all sorts and none of the engineers could get it to work. Lots of emails back and forth throughout I ended up complaining and they stated that the system had messed up by offering me one when I’m too remote to be able to recieve a good enough signal.

I ended up with around £450 in compensation. Roughly £100 per failed appointment and all the time I took off work plus a bit on top for all the stress/hassle.

I’d still like a smart meter given the choice.


I’ll try and find the article again @N26throwaway

Internet rumours :rofl:

I got mine during lockdown (summer) from E.ON. I got the power distributor to come out 1st to replace the cutout then booked with E.ON to come out, all happened in the space of 2 weeks. It’s part of the reason I stayed with a larger well known utility company, as I knew they were still begging people to have meters fitted during lockdown.

What you might of seen is maybe the SMETS1 meters, which go dumb when you switch suppliers. The new version don’t do this, the older version are getting a fix (eventually) put in place to stop this happening

Yeah it was in like <2015 the article was bout them giving out wrong readings and saying you’re using more than you’re actually are to get more money and that’s why they had stockpiles. Could have been false unless it was because of it being new technology at that time

There were some issues back then about readings, also was a lot of internet gossip about how bad they are.

SMETS2 are currently been rolled out, the upgraded version talks to any supplier when you switch. I had to double check I was signing up for one of them, luckily E.ON had used up the old supply.

Even Martin Lewis was dead against them when they 1st came out, due to too many issues. He’s since changed his stance and openly encourages people to get them.

I’m using no more electricity then what I was pre smart reader. I used to look at the hub all the time to see what was going off. That novelty has worn off, as I know pretty much what I’m using now during each part of the day.

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That’s eons ago in technology time


They put one in my dad’s place but the meter is in the basement where there’s no signal so they estimate his monthly bill, I don’t know where they come up with their figures but they are insane and just pull by direct debit, and he just gets a big refund every year.

Found this whilst looking at different things to do with smart meters

Has anybody used Sainsbury’s energy? I know they don’t offer quotes at the moment as they are getting a redesign but what is your experience with them?

I’ve just switched today to :octopus: agile, got an email to say the smart meter is communicating to them following my recent switch.

Now on half hourly billing, I need to have a look at different apps to see which is best at showing the cost of each half hourly slot.

Octopus Watch is the best. It shows you what is upcoming and your historical use (also compared with the fixed-rate tariff) It can also show you the cheapest timeslot in which to run a power-hungry appliance.

It’s a great app, with a good :android: widget too.

Not the best time to switch to Agile though - prices for the last few days have been sky-high with the capped 35p limit per kWh being reached multiple times daily this week so far… Here are today’s rates - still very high! (I’m in region ‘G’)

There’s also the Octopus re-imagined dashboard too, which works as a historical reporter -[Your Account number]/consumption/home

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Thanks I’ll check that out, not too bothered about the high prices at the moment given it averages out over the course of a year.

I’ve seen today’s pricing on the dashboard :octopus: provide.

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I was very interested in Agile but found that Go worked out a fair bit cheaper for my use.

Switching between Agile & Go is possible for periods of 30+ days. It may make sense for example to switch to Go in heavy cost (winter) months and Agile for lower cost (warmer) months.

I’ve stuck with Agile just so I have some history build up I can analyse later. I also joined Agile at a dubious time - early January :grimacing: So far, I’ve saved 0% and spent 0% extra in the last 91 days when compared to the cheapest fixed-rate tariff, so in hindsight switching to Go may have saved a few £££’s.

But roll-on summer with :octopus: Agile :sun_with_face:

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Hi all,

This is the lazy approach, so shoot me :see_no_evil:

I’ve not been active in these forums for in excess of a year, however always saw :octopus: highly rated, and still seeing some comments above.

I move house in a matter of weeks, pregnant wife in tow, and super super busy at work. I do aim to research, but could someone give me a quick TLDR on:

  1. Are :octopus: still good (the best even?) I see things like Which recommendations, all green energy etc…

  2. Why :octopus: and not say Bulb/SSE. Techy stuff is interesting. A year or so ago, I saw you could get different rates at different times of day and (IFTTT integration with Hue - am I making this up?). Can’t think of a use case for this right now but I think I could at the time and, once we have settled in, would no doubt explore all the available witchcraft and wizardry.

I will check ALL of this online, but can’t fault first hand reviews. Thanks in advance! :kissing_heart: