Energy Supplier Discussion

Oven wasn’t too bad actually it worked out around 40p per hour and dryer between 40-45p

I have a kettle that maybe gets used twice a year :rofl: I don’t really do hot drinks at home.

Looks like an average day for me is approx £2 at the moment, would be less in summer months as this currently includes the heating.

Typical daily E&G costs here are £6
The totally indulgant inflatable hot tub = £60 per month (on a favourable Octopus tariff) or £2 per day depending on how you look at it. The rest adds up to about £4 per day.

Other living expenses while working from home skyrocketed too. Then when you consider what we’ve not spent on fuel and other transport costs, the argument quickly disappears.

Strange times indeed.

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I’ve not noticed a difference to be fair well electricity wise as was already pretty much WFH most days way before we all got told to go home. Gas that’s gone up a bit as I’m heating it more than I usually would, decided not to just sit in the cold under a throw all winter, think that’s the old age starting to kick in :rofl:


Just found this Octopus app which looks awesome. Anyone using it already?

Very tempted to switch to their fixed tariff as we use quite a bit peak so not sure if Agile would save us money.

Yep, I’m on the octopus go tariff and I use the octopus watch app to export my half hourly electricity usage;

Its a bit skewed by the fact that I sometimes charge my car overnight between 00:30 and 04:00

We’re using Octopus fixed here (original Monzo 2019 offer ‘switch’) and while not on Agile, it has saved us a small fortune :money_with_wings:

I’m just switching up Bulb at the moment but fully plan on moving to Octopus. Bulb pay the exit fees for my current supplier so once that’s done and dusted a month later I’ll start the next switch to Octopus

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If you have Facebook they have an Agile Group that’s quite active

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Does anyone with Octopus know how many days it takes for a direct debit to show up in the account balance? Mine was taken on Friday but balance is still showing as 0 as of this morning.

Mine takes 2-3 (working) days usually.

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Great - thanks!

Can I ask if this app is any use to someone who is on the Octopus Go tariff or is only for Agile customers?

Do you have any idea how long it takes for your consumption to start showing?

My switch completed yesterday and I’ve logged into the Octopus Watch App with my API and meter details but nothing is showing yet.

Readings will show in this app whatever, but will calculate prices from the Agile tariff which this is what this App is for.

Your meter readings will be pulled into this app usually 2 days later, once it has got full days readings from Octopus. It is is missing any periods the app.wont display that particular day until complete data for that period.

So for yesterday, would see days tomorrow

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The API feed on the octopus watch app took a while to show populate, maybe a week or so before it had a few days of data and its always a few days lag on it. You should be able to see more update to date data on the octopus website.

If like me you’re on Octopus grab yourself a little reward below…


So I’ve been monitoring my usage on Octopus Watch and it looks like Agile is going to save me quite a bit.

Love finally having actionable data on my usage.

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I’m just waiting for E.ON to give me my final bill so I can upload it to Bulb to get me exit fees paid and then Agile here I come

I’ve been comparing GO to agile for a little while now and in our case we’re better off on Go (at least until we get some battery storage).

Our usage tends to peak around the same time as the Agile rates peak (which is sort of expected).

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Assuming that you’re exporting the Octopus Watch data for the charts? What tool are you using to chart?