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I’ve been on the tariff for quite some time now. For our use case, it works great! Any specific questions?

This comment is from a different thread but I thought it would be more suitable to continue discussion here. I hadn’t heard of London Power but have just taken a look and for me it’s cheaper than my existing supplier (People’s Energy) and also approx. 10% cheaper than equivalent Octopus tariffs. Any idea what the downsides are compared to going direct to Octopus (if any)?

Looking at London Power terms and conditions, they seem to be exactly the same as Octopus energy. My guess is that Octopus is using this company to target the London market (just a guess), so if this company is cheaper for you I would recommend you go for it as Octopus is quite good for me.

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No referral cash, so that may be where some of the price cut comes from.

I made about 50-60% of my annual bill in referrals with Bulb in the last year, so referrals can make a provider essentially unbeatable…

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I wish that Ofgem would ban these referral schemes.

I appreciate it can make a significant difference to your net energy cost for the year, but what we can see, from Bulb at least, is that people are pushing a company that has a 1 star service rating, because it satisfies their own agenda.

The conflicting interests in energy switching and the energy market in general is a real concern.


I totally agree. I don’t push Bulb or any other energy company, though Bulb has actually been good so far (touch wood!).

The reality is that getting the “cheapest” energy means hopping from provider to provider and juicing as much as you can. Utter madness and a sure sign that the “market” is a fiction. But what do you do instead? Pay more? That’ll really stick it to them!

Just wondered how you’re finding it? Have you adapted your usage and seen a significant saving. I’m very likely to switch to it soon.

I may move to one of the smart tariffs at some point, I just need to get a slot 1st for the cut out fuse to be replaced with a modern one, meter replacement people aren’t allowed to touch it so need the distribution company in to do that before I can look at having a smart meter further down the line

Such a low percentage of people ever change from their incumbent supplier that there’s very little chance OFGEM would prevent schemes to encourage people to switch.

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Hi all. Quick question on Monzo switching. Last year I used Monzos switch service to sign up for octopus energy, now my fixed term is coming to an end I’m looking for the best deal.

Looking again at the Monzo switch service octopus again is coming out cheapest for me. My question is are these quotes for new customers only? Can’t for the life of me see anywhere that states it is. Anyone tried it?

Try calling octopus asking if you can have that tariff or seeing what renewal tariffs you can get with a fixed price.

You don’t ask you don’t get.

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Now that this thread has resurfaced it’s time for a moan. I switched suppliers and the switch completed on 12 September. Now here I am two weeks later and both suppliers insist that they provide the gas supply. The new one (Bulb) showed me the screenshot from the national database but the old supplier, Scottish Power just won’t close the account. What can I do?

PS get bent Scottish Power

I think there’s an Energy Switching Guarantee that’s meant to deal with this (at least if both suppliers are signed up). iirc the new provider is responsible for dealing with any issues.

No personal experience with this though.

I got the Monzo switch bribe, can I move octopus direct debit to another bank now? Or do I have to keep at Monzo?

You can do anything you want with the direct debit. Monzo is like any other referrer

I might actually be able to switch to a smart meter at some point and see what tariffs are available for them. Currently can’t have any fitted as I’ve got an aluminium fused cut out which the installers aren’t allowed to touch.

Power distribution company rang today to get an appointment booked for it to be replaced with the modern safer version, just need to bell them tomorrow to see when it’ll be.

Got smart meters installed yesterday, I already knew I don’t spend too much every month on my energy bills, it’s interesting to see how much stuff doesn’t actually cost.

65" 4K LED TV approx 2p per hour
Small halogen oven approx 20p per hour
House overnight approx 2.5p per hour

I’ve not yet used the washer, dryer or the big oven yet though so I’ll be telling those things to hurry up when I see it gobbling the energy up.

Waiting for a full day to finish to see what my gas works out as but likely about £1 to £1.50 per day


Good rule of thumb is basically anything that produces heat is the big usage things.

Think microwave, oven, heaters, showers etc.

Other things always seem to be minuscule in comparison.


Have you got a kettle? Expect that to surprise you.

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