Changing Date of Bills?

Hi All

Having previously got into trouble with money, I’m now very cautious. I get the “bills” money, set it aside as soon as I receive my salary. Dating back to when I had money problems, I also ensured that my bills were taken as close to my pay-day as possible so that I knew they were covered and had been paid.

Finances these days are in a much better position, and I had never really questioned this status-quo, until recently. The situation is:

  • Salary Paid - End of Month
  • Money moved into Pots to cover Direct Debits/Standing orders etc.
  • As close to 1st of new month, all bills are taken.

Now, with an interest bearing account, would it actually make sense to shift all the direct debits/standing orders to as late in the month as possible?

Surely it’s better to have an account with lots of money for the majority of the month, than an account that’s had the bills paid for most of the month?


(I also realise that depending on the Monzo Pot in use, it may or may-not be interest bearing! But if the outcome is that moving payments to late in the month is beneficial, then I can change the pots!)

I suppose it would be but it’s not going to worth much unless you have a fair few grand sat waiting around all month, personally it’s not worth the bother.