Rules for moving money between pots

Might have been suggested before, or it might exist and I can’t find it, but I’d love to be able to have rules to automatically move money between pots.

I’ve just moved everything to Monzo, so now my bills/direct debits are going out of my monzo account. I want these direct debits/standing orders to be paid from a pot and not notify me on my phone. Ideally I would use my savings pot but you can’t do that as the savings account is with a third party. So instead, I have a savings pot and a bills pot.

I want the bills pot to always have £2000 in it for direct debits, rent etc. It’d be great if I could set it so that if it ever goes below say, £700, it withdraws money from my savings pot to get it back to £1000. I know this would take a day to transfer the money, but that’d be fine.

You can do this with Plus and IFTTT with the Google sheets integration.

Having to pay AND use a 3rd patry app is not an ideal solution.
I wonder if I can write a script in python to do it.

They both have different use cases that’s why :+1:

Can you connect python to Monzo?

Python is a programming language :see_no_evil:

Check out the API docs, plenty of people have been doing cool stuff written in python

Yeye I know what it is ahaha what I meant to say is can you create your own api for Monzo such as is it possible For me to make a script for my account such as one that will do X if I do something

Ah OK. That’s not how it came across.

Also, you don’t create your own API. You connect to Monzos and request the data you need. There’s a lot you can do with it, check out the docs if you’re interested :slight_smile:

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