Enable statements without pot transfers for personal accounts

This has just landed for Business account, would love this for my personal account too!

Really missed the ball on this one, imo.

Costs nothing to enable it for personal accounts. Would be a massive win.

Vote up top if you’d like it for personal accounts :top:


Yeah really dont understand the logic of making it only business

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Any clue how to enable this? I spent some time talking to the business account team last year about statements (because they were awful), including providing mock-ups of how things might be better presented. Never had any feedback since and wasn’t aware anything was imminent. But can’t seem to see any way to do this in the app?

Hi, I have business account but have not started using it yet (covid) but I’m on android with beta tester selected in the app store if that helps

I assume it will be a Monzo Plus feature

I hope it looks something like the way starling do it, which is great. No pot movement in statement & balance just reflecting all other acc movements.

And do you have the option? I’m android beta with business pro. The app details in Play Store say this is available but I can’t find the option anywhere.

Sounds silly but have you just tried getting a statement?

Might just be a default

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Probably a toggle when ya get to the download screen :sweat_smile:

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Tried that. No option there as far as I can tell.

Yep, downloaded statements. Still exactly as they used to be. No options or toggles I can find.

Have asked using in-app chat but won’t expect a reply before Monday. Not in a hurry to download statements but not being able to find the option is an irritation :slight_smile:

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I now have a toggle in app on statement page it works

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Yes, got there in the end although had to reinstall the app for some reason. A pity that (at this stage, anyway) they’ve done the absolute minimum on this - statements are still in reverse date order (why?!) for example. And it’s app only, not web interface. Still, should hopefully satisfy my accountant.