Emma sync issues

I thought I’d try Emma as there are plenty of supporters here. But I immediately ran into problems with syncing bank accounts. Several transactions missing from two different banks. So how can that be useful? Also, my credit cards don’t seem to be supported. If I can’t have everything in an app like this I can’t see the point… is it just me?

It’s a pain as you still have to sync capital one with login details every day apparently due to the api

As I used my personal Monzo as a “business” account the reporting was goosed as it auto includes the JA so as of 2 days ago deleted the app after de authorising the accounts

Hey @Cobweb, can you reach out to support? We have a chat in the app. :slight_smile:

Hi… yes, thanks. I’ve done that and it’s sorted. Synching just took much longer (overnight) than I expected.

I need to use the app for a while and see how useful it is now. I do just have a question about security… so properly not the right place to ask this. But do you (or anyone else) know, if my account is hacked through Emma, do I still have the same protection that I would have with my bank… ? Normally they say if you’ve given your passwords to a third party they are not responsible for any losses.

They can’t say that anymore. The law has changed. :slight_smile:

All the info is here: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/account-information-and-payment-initiation-services

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Thank you for that… a little bit of legislation that passed me by. I did see that your app is approved by the FCA but was still hazy about the security detail…

No problem. :slight_smile: