HSBC Banking App

(Charlie Skinner) #1

Apologies if this has been covered/in the wrong place.

I would be interested to know who else uses the HSBC mobile banking app?

I have to say i’m increasingly impressed with every release.

In the latest update that have added navigation tabs to standing orders and direct debits.

Would be interested to hear other people thoughts.

Its funny how this app (HSBC) was absolutely useless for such a long time with limited functionality and all of a suddenly they are releasing increasingly valuable features thick and fast, presumably to keep up.

I have no intention of altering the way i am currently managing things but i have to say the way that the likes of Monzo etc is forcing these banks to change is incredibly satisfying to watch.

The small fish in the pond bossing about these sharks and taking control is wicked and it means that being in control is our finances is almost effortless.

I for one get my salary paid into this (to keep the benefits of having the account, and saving) I transfer a set amount to Monzo for the month. I use this on a daily basis for all direct debits and standing orders and trying to stick to a daily budget. Whilst my HSBC is purely for savings and If i have a big purchase


Does it force you to use Touch ID or a PIN every time you open the app? If so it’s still worthless as far as I’m concerned.

(Charlie Skinner) #3

I use Face ID so its completely effortless. It feels simply like a short loading screen.

Interested as to why the PIN or touch ID renders it useless for you ?


Because the extra friction is unnecessary? When I open my texts, or emails, or Spotify, the app is ready right away and I can pick up where I left off immediately - no loading screen at all. I want my banking to be the same effortless experience.

As far as security is concerned my phone has a PIN already - if that’s compromised then I have much bigger problems to worry about.

Monzo app - PSD2
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Fair enough!


I do quite like its interface and the depth and clarity of information it gives.
However, overall I prefer Emma and Yolt

  • It doesn’t support Monzo
  • Bills/subscription tracking only works with HSBC accounts as far as I can tell
  • I’ve had intermittent authentication issues with some banks. Issues I have not had using Emma or Yolt.

EDIT - Ignore the above. I thought you were talking about HSBC Connected Money :man_facepalming:

WRT to the HSBC banking app, well its a lot better than the old HSBC app which was awful. But its no better than the apps I have with other high street banks.


The friction of a 1 second loading screen makes it worthless?

I have a separate PIN for my email app and it makes me feel so much better.


You need to login (using fingerprint or password) to see transactions and do any actions.
But you can set it up to display your balance without logging in.


Well considering every other (good) app doesn’t need a loading screen, I don’t see why this app should have one.


I have some money with HSBC but no longer use it as my main account. Don’t use the app daily it is amazing as to how quick and nicer to to use it is all of a sudden. Cleaner and much, much quicker to load. Now, if only they would do something with the Business app!

(Micky) #11

No amount of app updates or changes will improve my opinion of HSBC

(Marc Labuhn) #12

Touch ID for “HSBC UK”

Touch the Home button to log on

To generate a security code or view Fast Balance select Cancel

Then, if you want to generate a security code, you cancel, press another button, and… authenticate using Touch ID.

That pretty much sums up the app for me.

The only reason I still have the account is because they literally pay me to have it.


It is mind boggling that HSBC can provide top notch customer service in Asia, yet they are clueless in the UK.

Another thing, last year around 90% of their profit came from Asia (possible reason for better customer service!). It came down to around 80% this year.

When next financial crisis hits Asia Pacific and it will at some point, they will be totally exposed. I am afraid it will be UK taxpayers who will need to bail them out.


How does that work? Do you work for them and they force you to use their accounts?

(Marc Labuhn) #15

No, it’s because they have a deal to entice new customers to bank with them - see for full details.

The short version is that they pay you £150 for using CASS to switch to them, and another £50 if you keep the account for a whole year. And after switching to Monzo, I had a spare bank account to switch from :wink: