Monzo Plus - Capital One integration

Anyone else having issues syncing their Capital One CC to Monzo Plus.

Just doesn’t work - feels like a CO issue.
Had the same issue connecting it to another open banking app (snoop).

I think one of the main reported issues is that they only support one card at a time. :exploding_head:

Could it be this?

Oh! Maybe!

I’ll try that now, 1 sec…

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Yes this worked. Thanks!
Haven’t used Revolut for ages anyway.

Now this definitely is a fascinating issue!

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I’m having errors on mine, I have iOS though and no Revolut :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Delete Starling :eyes:


Somewhere an angry artist manager is reading that and screaming into the void

Anyone having an issue where the balance of the Capital One card doesn’t show? Mine shows as £0 whereas the Capital One app shows £220. I’ve refreshed the card and it hasn’t changed. Not sure what else I can try apart from unlinking and reconnecting the card.

Is this a common issue?

my capital one shows the correct information on monzo

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I’ll reconnect mine now and see!

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