Just a quick question.
I’ve emailed a few times about various issues and never received a reply.
Are we meant to get a reply or should we just assume they’re looking at it? I think even an auto reply would be better than nothing.


depends on the issue is the main one

Well I thought the acceptance email was for card acceptance issues and they’d work to get it resolved.
The help email is surely for account related issues?
I’m just wondering if the acceptance email is actively monitored and responded to, since it’s been a week or so with no response.


I wouldn’t be totally sure in terms of response times, as I’ve never had to use the acceptance email address before. However, just in case it isn’t actively monitored, perhaps you should forward your email to as well :blush:

Could also be worthwhile bringing the issue up with COps using the in-app chat, if you haven’t already.

The help email address is definitely monitored, so that may help with getting the ball rolling. Good luck! :smile:

it would appear that the acceptance email address was for merchants from this blog post, not customers - it was the first time I had heard of so looked it up Ive always used as others have mentioned

edit - I stand corrected by the post below from @hdwrng :slight_smile:

The acceptance address is not just for merchants and has been thrown around this forum a lot, even by Monzo staffers asking customers to contact via that address.


Seems to definitely be some confusion over what we should do in an acceptance situation!

I’d echo @anon10293546’s recommendation and contact COps in-app. I had an acceptance issue over the weekend, and sent a chat message yesterday. They got back to me within a couple of hours, asked for some more details, and then said they had ‘sent it through to the team to have a look’.

Please only email for confirmed card or sort code acceptance issues. We use these reports to contact merchants and resolve issues directly with them and the address is only monitored by a very small team within working hours. We tend to only respond if we need extra information or occasionally to report that the issue is fixed.

All other messages should go to in-app chat or if in-app chat is not possible, for customer support or for non-customer/general enquiries. :slightly_smiling_face:


It was definitely a card acceptance issue which is why I emailed them. I was just wondering if we got a response, recognition of the email or an update.


Perhaps an out–of–office confirming no acknowledgement will be sent?


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