Email tells me I'm top of the list when I'm not signed up with that email address


I contacted support last week and had my registered email changed. I just got an email to my previously registered email telling me I am top of the list. Out of curiosity I signed out and tried signing in with my old email address and got a message telling me that there is no account registered with that email address.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Bob,
I would guess that you fell through the cracks because of your email change! Do you have a card already?


Yep, got my card in March.


I got the same email. Can I be cheeky and use that to get my wife to the front of the queue instead?

(MikeF) #5

I’d guess so since I’ve seen ‘Give it to a friend’ listed as a solution a couple of times here. There’s apparently a way of creating an account in app and bypassing the queue if you have a card.


Swipe with theee fingers