[Email] Mondo Lives On!

Just tried to log into Monzo Web to see what it was like, and looks like the logo for the email to log in hasn’t been updated from Mondo to Monzo!

Shhh, don’t jinx it :eyes:

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Looking back to March 2019 as well and the Mondo logo is there too, seems like this has been Mondo and not Monzo for a little while!

It’ll be a hosted image won’t it. Any previous email will say Mondo if the hosted image has been switched?

Yep looks that way, looks like it just hasn’t been changed potentially!

Looks more like a proxy issue

The actual address, while having Mondo in it, gives the correct icon:

The full address in my email, with the actual address after a #, does not though:

Haha, brilliant. “System” has downloaded the copies and now they look the same! Point kinda proven

If I look at one of my emails from Monzo in the gmail app on my phone, I get the Mondo logo. Looking at the same email in the spike app displays the Monzo logo.