Mondo is back! At least in emails

Just received this to see that “Mondo” is at the top instead of the latest name


Similar here: [Email] Mondo Lives On!

Ahh it’s not the only email affected then!

Are we sure this isn’t deliberate and related to the announcement tomorrow? Weird that it’s suddenly gone full Mondo today

…although legally I’m not sure they can do that

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As in they’d announce they’re going back to Mondo?

Maybe that’s the announcement for Thursday :joy:

Looks like it has been Mondo for a little while… [Email] Mondo Lives On!

If they change an image on the server, it will impact all emails as they reference the image, it’s not stored locally (except for caching). So they may have only changed it today. IYSWIM.

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That’s what I’m thinking as well. An accidental name change somewhere

The URL link for the image is :thinking:


Monzo sounds much better…


But the full link in my email is with the address after a proxy address and it gives the old icon

Accidental bonus

This now points to the right image :slight_smile: