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(Robbie) #1

I love the features of adding pictures and notes to your purchases. To help improve and make this feature more productive and try and make the app an all in one place to keep all transaction, the ability to add email receipts to online purchases would be amazing. Just some thoughts

(Tristan Thomas) #2

For sure! We’d love to do that in the future :slight_smile:

(Richard Dingwall ) #3

Hi @Robbiebain, we would love to enrich Mondo transactions with email receipts but there are a few technical problems which means this isn’t possible yet. I wrote some of them up here in another thread:

Trust us this is something we are keeping a close eye on though! We All want this feature too :grinning:

(James) #4

As the title says, really. At the moment we can only attach photos… whereas online shopping receipts tend to come via email. Screengrabs sort of work… but are a bit of a bodge. Cheers :+1:

(James) #5

Apologies, I’ve just been linked to a post by RobbieBain asking for just this!

As you were.