Forward receipt emails to Monzo

When I buy something I want to be able to forward an email receipt to Monzo and have monzo attach it to the correct transaction. Matching the amount charged / order number or transaction number.

This way I can keep my receipts in order. This will be especially useful for large transactions such as computers, electronics where the purchase date and receipt are often needed to make use of a warranty. But also for business and expenses use cases.

I’m thinking something like how I can email a flight booking to “app in the air” or TripIt and it reads the information and create a new trip / plan. Only with monzo, attaching to the correct transaction.


Brilliant idea! At the moment I add the order number to my notes on the transaction but automatic adding would be useful!!

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+1 for this idea. It’s something I’d like to see implemented!

Most retail stores ask for your email address nowadays and send e-receipts so this would fit perfectly with the way that is moving!

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That is such a cool idea, thank you for suggesting it!

I’m going to pass it onto the product team and see what we can come up with in the future :smiley:


Great idea and would be really useful. I think one issue is that some retailers (Amazon?) charge in several batches so matching by amount isn’t always possible. But maybe Monzo could add some other intelligence to deal with these edge cases.

There’s further discussion on this topic here:

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