Electric Scooters (Bird, Lime, etc)

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Anyone know anything about them?

Apparently this is an area getting a considerable amount of hype and venture capital in the USA at the moment, with the two biggest companies being Bird and Lime.

Uber have done a deal with Lime to where you can rent and drop one off within the Uber app.

And it looks like they might be heading to these shores soon…

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I really like the idea but I’ve read before that the problem with electric scooters are that they are illegal to use on UK roads so probably won’t be coming anytime soon.

electric scooters as “powered transporters”, a type of vehicle that can only legally be used on private property.



UK laws place restrictions on vehicles with motors, meaning they are typically classed as mopeds and require riders to hold a licence to drive them.

The government needs to clarify things, but its why Segways never became a thing on UK roads.

Segways and so-called “hoverboards” have also been banned from British roads, with riders being fined £75.

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Didn’t that change because electric bikes no longer have that restriction?

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Electric bikes, I believe, need to be peddle assisted which makes the difference. Scooters, Segways and “hoverboards” are self-propelled. I could be wrong, but the Telegraph article above is only from June.

(Valeri) #6

So sad… I wanted a SegWay so much but obviously rather not be fined…

(Richard) #7

It’s a shame really, they want people to be greener and either use public transport or cycle to commute. I’m sure if people were allowed Segways/Electric scooters more people would ditch cars for the in town commute!

Would be great in Edinburgh to have a segway to zoom up the royal mile in the morning :smiley:


I’d use public transport more if it actually saved me money. Travelling anywhere from Devon I can usually drive for at least half the cost of an advance train ticket.

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I do tend to use public transport in Edinburgh… but as of today (Edinburgh bloody fringe festival) i’m quicker walking.

As for trains… don’t get me started! Buses here are pretty cheap… £1.70 single ticket, £4 for a day ticket.

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This things look like they’d be a deathtrap on most city roads.

In country it might work, and I could see something like that being hired in parks to help people get around.

(Jack) #11

They look very cool, although I think it would run out of battery going up some of these hills in wales! Good idea for town centres that aren’t too packed with traffic. Maybe it would work in “ shared space zones” or pedestrianised areas better?

I’ve also always wanted to go o a Segway but never had the chance :unamused:

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Could carry out to the top and charge it on the way down :wink:

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You’re onto something there🤔

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I’ve had a chance to rent them for an hour or so in Rome and Krakow and planning to go on a very first (for me) Segway “Tour” (as in guided group) in Cyprus next week. It is pretty cool and you get the hang of it like surprisingly quickly… :smile:

If they were legal in UK I’d so have one. Pretty much anything but get on the stuffy overcrowded Central line in rush hour :face_vomiting:


Anyone tried https://goape.co.uk/adventures/forest-segway ?

(Eve) #17

I went back to Singapore over summer break last year and the growth had apparently exploded exponentially while I was away?? We have electric scooters/ bikes/ segways on public walkways… and this wasn’t managed properly initially leading to a couple of injuries/ one death.
They’ve since widened shared pathways but speeds are still really really fast! They are used mainly with Deliveroo/ Foodpanda/ food delivery “drivers” and some older folk and are EVERYWHERE. Some hungry folk out there.

At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man I really think they’re dangerous and should have speed limits/ more bike/ scooter paths like Amsterdam or something.

(Jack) #18

I’ve been to go ape but not done the Segway Part. I’d highly recommend!

(Cheryl) #19

When I visited London earlier in the year I saw a few people zooming around on electric scooters. A couple were businessmen in suits, clearly using them for the daily commute.

I really want one. I think if I had one of those I’d ditch the car for my trip to work, too, but honestly I’ve never bothered bought one because in my town I think it would get a strange reaction - not sure if that should bother me or not, but I do wonder.

(Simon B) #20

Looks like there’s a new startup in Berlin doing this now too…

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Looks like Katy isn’t a fan :see_no_evil: