Electric Scooters (Bird, Lime, etc)

(Valeri) #22

:partying_face: Whoohooo they lunched in Stratford, I’ll go an check them out on Sunday if it is not raining


I tried a lime scooter in San Francisco. It was terrifying.

Although I’m not sure if that was due to me not wearing a helmet, or me technically riding illegally as I didn’t have a valid driving license…

(Simon B) #24

I’d be up for trying this if I lived in London. Will definitely be looking when I’m in LA.

(Joe) #25

I commute daily on an EUC (electric unicycle), so much fun and much faster than it would be to walk or drive into town. Regarding the law, there’s a couple of us in Leeds that ride them and ive never been stopped or seen anyone be stopped for it, pass plenty of bobbies whilst riding on the road down to the canal. Can definitely recommend!

(Valeri) #26

I mean I can occasionally see people in central London on unicycle segway’s and scooters and they seem to be happily uninterrupted in their commute, however I suspect if their number was to suddenly increase a lot, crackdowns would start… laws are laws.

(Valeri) #27

Oh dear…

(Jack) #28

I’m currently in Lisbon and I’m determined to give the Lime scooters a try. Just downloading the app :grin:

(Only available in amateur ) #29

Do you have travel insurance? :grimacing:

(Jack) #30

I do, as to whether scooters are covered… :man_shrugging:t3:

(Only available in amateur ) #31


(Jack) #32

They are so much fun :laughing:
Just went around and around, you can easily get up to 20mph.

Wish they were more common place in the uk. Extremely convenient!

(Andy Hughes) #33

There’s an episode of ‘Follow This’ on Netflix about the electric scooters in the USA :smiley:

I like the idea, although I fell off my kick scooter the other day when it slid on a manhole cover. Not sure I’d fancy that at 20mph :rofl:

(Valeri) #34

Very disappointed that there were no Bird scooters in Stratford park today :frowning:

Loads of signs on where they are allowed, etc. etc. but the scooters themselves were nowhere to be seen - annoyingly this weekend was the best time to give it a go, I wish there was a notice in app or anywhere really (tried looking it up in twitter too, no luck with that either) to say that Sundays rentals are not a thing during the trial (or at least because it is Remembrance Sunday?) :persevere:

(Simon B) #35

Lime are bringing their bikes to London tomorrow :astonished:

Anyone gonna give them a whirl?

(Simon B) #36

This is so cool.

Car usage in Portland, Oregon (where I used to live) has dropped dramatically due to Bird and Lime scooters :grinning: