Uber in multi-billion acquisition talks with one of the e-scooter startups

It’s not clear yet whether it’s Bird or Lime.

I downloaded both apps last week to see what the latest is, in the UK.

Bird had their e-scooter trial happening in Olympic Park in London for a few weeks, whilst Lime appear to have set up camp in Milton Keynes (and have their e-bikes, but not scooters, live all over the city).

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out!

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I used a couple of Limes in Prague a few weeks ago. Such a great little idea. Hoping they catch on in the UK pretty soon. To be honest I’m surprised they haven’t really yet, must be some sort of legality?

Yup. Powered vehicles can’t be used off of roads here. I believe that’s why.


Electric scooters aren’t legal on roads, because they’d need tax, insurance, registration, etc.

And they aren’t legal on pavements, either.

They fall into the same legal hole as Segways they can only be used legally on private land.

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Not sure it’ll work in the U.K. I was at St Andrew’s Uni in the 90s when they tried a free bike scheme. Within three months they were all in the bottom of the North Sea or repainted in Dundee. Those yellow OFO bikes are receiving the same treatment in London right now. I’m afraid scooters are even more throwable.