Lime in Lisbon, Portugal - Monzo declined and card frozen

Did a bit of traveling. So, I wanted to use Lime in Lisbon, Portugal and my card got frozen and declined. Meh :confused:

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The most popular electric scooter rental here.
They are like everywhere in the streets here.


You scan the barcode and go…but it didn’t “go” for me :confused:

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And what did Monzo Support say when you told them?

Anti-fraud mechanism blocked the transaction. Second time it should go through…will try some time later. But Lime is so cool…damn…every city should have something like that. Just pick up wherever and leave wherever.

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I didn’t have any problems when I used Lime via Monzo,

I must agree that they are super cool!

Have fun!


Funny timing, I’ve just had my card blocked with Lime (but in London). Went through on the 2nd time like the app said, but interestingly the last time I used them - a week ago - it went through first time.

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So a scooter version of the London Boris bikes. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a lot more flexibility with Lime as you can leave them literally anywhere. They usually do litter the streets and cause obstructions. They also make awful loud noises when clueless tourists try to get away with them

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In London, we’ve just got the Lime electric bikes (helpfully in areas not covered by TfL’s bike network).

Unfortunately we won’t be seeing scooters in the UK because they’re illegal :rage:

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It’s a great idea, tho electric scooters are illegal in the UK.

I think that some local authorities have had enough drama with dragging rental bikes out of canals, etc, without battery powered vehicles littering up the pavements.

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In Lisbon they are like everywhere and noone couldn’t care less about them. I mean, they are kinda like litter :joy: But if they are not bothering you why whould you vandalize one…it’s the most convenient way to get to places if you are in a hurry. Just pick one up and you are on the go…not in all parts of the city tho…some places have about 40 degree climb here :joy:

You’d really have to ask the vandals that question. I only ever found one bike an irritation in London, dumped blocking half the pavement, but people do get angry over very little, sometimes.

Yeh…Lime has it’s “guidelines” about where to leave the stuff and how, but some people are just really inconsiderate and don’t care :confused:

This happened to me one Wrocław Poland last weekend too!

Felt sketchy.

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