Editing Standing Order displays 'Editing Not Support'

Hello community,

It seems that I have a standing order that can no longer be edited. A message is displayed that editing is not supported, and suggests to remove and re-create it.

In the scheduled & standing orders (schedule tab), the standing order with the wording Monthly on the 1st is the offending one.

It is worth mentioning that this standing order was migrated from my previous current account with the partial switch (CASS) before it was turned off.

I understand that there may be something legacy preventing the edit behind the scenes, but wouldn’t it be better if it automatically deleted and then re-created the standing order? Even if there is a regulatory requirement that prevents the edit, it would be better to display the reason and ask me to accept or decline.

Just some thoughts.


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I’m still waiting to be able to edit pot scheduled payments as well :neutral_face:

Hi @LegendaryAced, to give you a bit of background on the problem…

This isn’t regulatory; it’s because standing orders created by Monzo can run on the weekend and standing orders created by legacy banks do not.

To prevent anything going wrong when you use CASS, Monzo creates a special legacy-style schedule to keep continuity with your old account.

But, it’s 2019, so when you create a standing order yourself through the app, it’ll run on weekends.

I agree it would be better to still let you edit the standing order and give you a warning that it’ll now run on weekends and it’ll differ a little from before - not outright stop you editing it. Hopefully Monzo adds the ability to do this in the future/makes it clearer why.


This makes much more sense now. Thank @danbeddows
A better way of handling this would be great. As you say, hopefully it gets added in the future.

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