Change standing orders

Is there any chance we could change so we can edit our standing orders without having to create a whole new one
So I’ve noticed whenever I need to change a standing order (even one going to one of my pots) I have to delete the standing order and set up a new one. This is just inconvenient

Standing orders can be edited, pot transfers can’t.

The only time I’ve not been able to amend one is the one that transferred over from my old account using the switching service, I had to delete that in order to get it set up how I wanted it to be, the remaining SO I have set up are all amendable.

Good point, I’d forgotten CASS ones were different.

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Okay but even then how about being able to change you pot standing orders


If you’re trying to edit one, the date has to be in the future.

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You can I’ve altered my pot SO a few times over the last couple of months

Maybe this is a parity issue? I can’t edit pot standing orders on iOS.

Not a parity issue I can’t alter any of my pot SOs, only cancel them.
Could it be that it’s recurring pot SO that can’t be edited?

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I just edited a recurring standing order that goes from a pot with no issue. I’m on iOS.

Couldn’t agree more, would love to be able edit any regular payment to a pot, it seems such a basic thing that’s missing. To have to delete it then create another one is crazy really.

It’s funny how everything that anyone wants is “basic” or “easy” isn’t it?

I sometimes wish we could just ask for stuff without trying to guilt trip the developers for missing something so “simple” for all these months.


Can you edit a recurring standing order that goes to a pot?

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