Request: Edit Scheduled Pots Payments

Could we consider the ability to edit scheduled pots payments? At present if i need to make adjustments to a scheduled pots payment i have to delete and recreate the payment.

I can edit Standing Orders and would expect to see the same Edit Payment option for scheduled pots payments too.

This has been requested a lot, and it’s insane that:

a) it isn’t done yet
b) it wasn’t in from the start on something that monzo built themselves and wasn’t held back by legacy banking cruft


And that it doesn’t automatically edit the date or tell you that the date needs to be in the future. If you edit a scheduled payment

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It’s been fixed now :wink:

Not on iOS it hasn’t :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :expressionless:


has on my iOS

edit …my mistake confused about what was being discussed …ignore me …

That’s a standing order. Try editing a scheduled payment to a pot.


Mods may want to merge this with Edit scheduled pot transfers

I am not hopeful of seeing this after two years.

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