Temporarily amend upcoming standing order

So I’ve got a standing order that’s meant to go out on Monday. It’s to Freetrade as I’m experimenting in investing - but the markets are closed, so I’d like the money to go on Tuesday instead.

What am I after in Monzo? The ability to tap on an upcoming standing order (from either the Payments tab or the feed) and change the details for the next payment without changing them for all time. A bit like in calendaring apps when you can make a change for all instances or just the one that you’re opening up.

Any use to anyone else?

(There’s another potential solution to my Freetrade problem which I’ll post separately on! Edit: it’s here - Include/exclude bank holidays/weekends in standing orders)

Completely agree! I could see the usefulness of this :sunglasses:

It reminded me a bit of this thread Standing Order - Send Early

Being able to send early / late without affecting future payments would be super handy :raised_hands:

Fingers crossed monzo can implement this at some stage :crossed_fingers:
(Maybe around the same time they let us edit scheduled pot transfers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Doesn’t this happen anyway - a regular standing order is always sent the next working day if the date falls on a weekend or public holiday

The only bank I know who didn’t do this was Tesco Bank and from memory they were criticised my many for not doing so.

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I thought it was only Direct Debits that are next working day if fall on weekend / bank holidays, I will find out Monday as I have 2 SO due to leave the account :wink:


Standing orders from monzo can go out on weekends :slight_smile:


Yep my standing orders with Monzo go out on a weekend if the date falls that way - which is how I prefer it.
Standing orders which transferred over with CASS didn’t do that, so I deleted them and set them up from scratch again.


Four types of payments can be processed through the Faster Payments Scheme:

• Single Immediate Payments
• Direct Corporate Access
• Forward-dated Payments
• Standing Orders (FPS Standing Orders not BACS Standing Orders)

Forward-dated Payments can go 7 days a week but Standing Orders can only go 5 days a week.

If Monzo are sending scheduled standing orders on weekends through the faster payments system they must be incorrectly sending them as Single Immediate Payments which personally I don’t think they should be doing.

It’s likely to lead to complaints (as Tesco received) as its unexpected/non standard behavior.

Do you have a source for this?

From what I’ve read, a Standing Order is just an instruction a person sets up with their bank for the bank to pay a certain amount to a certain bank account at a certain frequency.

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For one example, have a look at Faster Payment System - Pay.UK

Under Standing Orders: “Payments can be sent Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. If the pre-arranged date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the payment is made on the next working day.”

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