Editing and Cancelling Payments

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I’m in the process of moving my direct debits and standing orders from First Direct to Monzo. I had a couple of standing orders that I pay regularly to friends and family - I got the details from FD and I have successfully set them up on my Monzo account using the Android app.

But I can’t see any way to edit those payments. Or to cancel them. One of them in particular, I expect to want to cancel in a few months time.

Am I missing something in the UI? Or should I just hope that this functionality is added before I really need to use it? :slight_smile:



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You can’t edit payments but if you click on the payment in the “recurring payments” tab, in the Spending are there is an option to cancel the payment :slight_smile:

(Dave Cross) #3

Aha! Yes, I see that now. Thanks for pointing it out. I guess that if necessary, I can cancel the payment and set it up again with the new details.

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Yeah, the payment functionality is very limited at the moment but will be getting much better in a new release expected to come out in the next few weeks!

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