DDs moved elsewhere still show on Monzo


I’ve moved all my DDs elsewhere as having two separate accounts works better for me - they are all set up elsewhere and have had at least one payment from there but they still show as valid in the Monzo app.

How can I get rid of them as if I select Cancel Direct Debit, it will cancel the entire instruction with that company.

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No it won’t, if you’ve got the direct debit set up elsewhere then the direct debit will not be cancelled on Monzo’s instruction as far as I’m aware. @BethS - Sorry to tag but can you confirm?

I switched my dd from lloyds to monzo, lloyds were showing them as well so I cancelled them. You can cancel them

Monzo are currently testing the ability to pay direct debits from pots. You can turn the feature on via monzo labs.

As other comments state if you’ve already informed the merchant of your new details that you’d like them to use. Cancelling the DD within the monzo app shouldn’t have any impact.

It should only cancel Monzo’s instruction as there will be two instructions set up with AUDDIS. I’m pretty sure. (so dormant Monzo and your new one)

Cancelling our one shouldn’t interfere the DD with another bank! :slight_smile: Especially if you’ve updated your details with them directly.


I personally would wait until your next payment data just in case something has messed up, so you don’t get charged a late payment fee etc.

Once you see it’s moved to the new bank they just cancel it in the Monzo app.

The new payments have been made so should be OK to cancel - the last time I did this, I cancelled the old before payments came from the new and it cancelled the entire DD instruction.

You are correct. I’ve spent too much time with ADDACS and AUDDIS notifications. :see_no_evil:

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