Can't edit standing order that was switched from previous bank

I’ve just been told that’s it’s impossible to edit a standing order because I used the account switching service. All I want to do is change the amount so that I can pay my rent next month. I’ve been told to delete it and set up a new one despite the apps’s description in Google Play saying you can manage recurring payments and Monzo’s own website says the account transfer process is “hassle free.”

This is a long standing issue that I’m suprise hasn’t been fixed yet :hushed:

I seem to recall the issue was that a migrated standing order may be brought across that has a payment schedule that isn’t handled by the Monzo app (i.e. your previous bank may have allowed every 3 weeks) so they thought it best to leave them read-only.

Just cancel it and create a new one. It only takes 30 seconds. Not exactly a hassle.

The switch itself is hassle free, you’re wanting to change something.

If I wanted to change my NatWest standing order I’d have to go into a branch to do anything or sit in a phone queue. Now that IS hassle.