RIP Astro 😔

This makes me really sad. Astro has been my primary email app for around 6 months now, and I’ll miss it dearly.

shakes fist at Slack

Anyone got a recommendation for a lovely cross platform email app that supports multiple accounts really well, has a delightful UI/UX, etc? Has to be available on Android as well as iOS, and ideally Mac OS too.


UPDATE - giving Edison Mail a try.

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Have you tried Spark? It’s a bit like Google’s Inbox.


UI looks good, but no Android app yet which is a bummer. Still, might try it on Mac OS and iOS for now.

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Nooo! :cry: Astro was super handy and organised.

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I don’t think Readdke make anything for Android so I wouldn’t hold your breath!

Got the email from ASTRO yesterday about this :sob:
This was my favourite email setup because it was integrated with Slack and had some really good but simple features.Attachments could be forwarded on to Slack from Astro so easily and I had my important emails automatically saved on a private channel.

I have tried so many mail apps in Mac almost all mentioned above but I am still going to miss Astro.

Never heard of it, I feel like I need to give up my geek membership card.


I used it for a while, but in the end reverted back to good old gmail as I find the clever bits get in the way.

Just switched over to Astro a few months back. I really enjoy using the UI and found it a lot faster in terms of syncing across devices than Spark. So I guess it’s back to the drawing board to find another all-rounder that works across iOS and Mac OS…

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That’s what I get for acting like a know it all!

I’m a big fan of Scanner Pro. Would love to see that on Android too.

AquaMail on Android is very nice.

Update : Hate Spark on iOS, but it’s fine on Mac OS (in Classic mode, at least).

Using Edison Mail on mobile at the moment.

I’m still using Astro :see_no_evil:. Running out of time to find something as slick, I previously used Spark and found it really buggy.


I like spark on iOS, hate the Mac app as it is not native and really gets bogged down doing hard work.

I like being able to set my own actions for swipe left and right, archive one way, delete the other.

I was really peeved about this too; I’ve spent the last week trying to decide between Spark and Airmail. I think I prefer Airmail but there are a few things about Spark I find better… why can you never find one that has everything in one app? :flushed:

I always feel I’m missing out by using the native Mac and iOS email app.

But then I try the others… and just think… why?

The native apps do literally everything I need, and wonder what needs other people have that require 3rd party apps?

Note - I don’t use Gmail. I have 1 exchange account and a few IMAP accounts.

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I use GAFYD (renamed to something trendy these days)

I have multiple accounts to separate stuff, with varying levels of security paranoia, so that if one is compromised, they don’t get at everything, especially finance info.

I want an app that understands google, one that can archive, but also be able to deal with an infinite set of account aliases, and automatically reply as the alias the email was sent to. I’ve not been able to get the mail app to do this.

Perhaps it’s different with the google aliases - But it works on the iCloud aliases.