Community events in Scotland!

This is a thread dedicated to suggestions and discussion around community events and activity in Scotland.

We’re keen to visit soon and want to know more about the events and meetups you’d like to see hosted by or supported by us in the coming months.

Which other meetups and organisations are doing great things in your home city?

Fancy hosting a Monzo meet up yourself with our help? We’d love to hear from you! Click here to find out more and use this thread as a sounding board for your ideas!


I hope there will be Current Account meet ups happening here in Scotland as well - unable to make it to London as I assumed when signing up that the system would recognise I was very far away :yum:


I would be happy to assist in organising another Edinburgh based meet up.
A couple of ideas for topics:

  • Monzo’s Roadmap (Plans, Brainstorming, Discussions of gaps in the market).
  • Staying secure online and offline with your cards and general life. (Best practices, simple examples, actionable advice).
  • Budgeting for mortgages, holidays and day-to-day life. How Monzo can be a tool for saving and managing your money.

Just a few off the top of my head!


Distance signup for the preview is now underway so you won’t have to wait too long…

A meetup/workshop on financial security could be an interesting one! As things like digital cards and app based banking become commonplace, I imagine lot of people will be looking for tips to help them feel confident and safe when using these relatively new banking products.


I’d be keen for some events to be set up in Scotland!

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