Monzo 2.0 Events - coming to a city near you!

We’ve brought together a host of community friends, industry insiders and experts for a series of panel events in three of our favourite cities. Each will be centred on a key theme which continues to shape our ethos and influence our direction as a business.

We’ll be sharing perspectives, asking hard questions and thinking out loud alongside interesting people who are equally passionate and involved in these issues. We’ll also be turning to our community for questions and comments on the night!

All events will be taped or streamed too :blush:

Hope to see you there! :wave::wave:

Tuesday May 22nd
Liverpool - Designing with Empathy

Wednesday May 23rd
Cardiff - Next Gen Financial Education

Tuesday May 29th
Edinburgh - How Smart is Too Smart?




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Nice… might actually come along to the Edinburgh one… given I work right next door…

I’d love to come along to the Cardiff one! Unfortuantly it’s a little last min and would be a rush to get there on time :frowning: I’ll catch up on the recording though! Hope more are run for me to attend in the future

See you in Liverpool!

Tuesday May 22nd
Liverpool - Designing with Empathy

Very excited for ‘_making sense of diverse real-life needs and turning them into pixels’ _ :grinning:

See you all there! :rocket:

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