eBay v Amazon

(Graham - Mental health professional) #21

Yes, there was a time when trying to get real-time customer support with Amazon was bewildering. These days, that all-important option is very visible and the call-back feature especially, saves a lot of faffing about.


If you use eBay look for there £1 or £3 listing fee deals they have for final value fees.

(Campbell Prosser) #23

I generally find Amazon a lot more efficient and easier to use :ok_hand: But eBay is handy for the random second hand items!

(Kieren) #24

The listing fee is only for submitting the listing; final value fees are still charged at the normal rate - I got stung by this before…


I sell on eBay frequently but only when they have a £1 max fee offer or something like this otherwise you’re taken advantage of. Even with these offers PayPal fees make it unreasonable. It’s generally around 14% in total which seems a bit steep.

(Micky) #26

I use EBay for second hand items but Amazon for almost everything else. As a prime member its always the first place I go for things. I also really appreciate the product reviews and the way Amazon handle refunds.

(Dan) #27

A few years ago I used eBay all the time, but in recent years I rarely use eBay or even think about it… I use Amazon for most things especially with Prime… you can’t beat getting it next day when you order at 6pm

(Peter Roberts) #28

There’s no comparison to me, Amazon wins :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lancelot Payne) #29

To be fair I use both for different things but tend to use Amazon slightly more just because of prime but they are both good in their own way so it really comes down to users preference really.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #30

I mainly use Amazon these days. Having experienced both, I’ve found Amazon’s return policies to be much better.

Also, Prime and the fact that most parcels can be sent to my local shop and I can collect them at my leisure instead of waiting in for a random courier to turn up.


Or up to midnight for me in some cases - it’s insanely good, especially with prime now for those emergencies. Not so happy about the new Prime Now minimum order values though.

(Dan) #32

What’s this :thinking:


Amazon Prime with delivery to Doddle, can’t beat it.


They deliver in an hour in cities that have a distribution centre nearby. Not the full amazon catalogue but they also do fresh/frozen groceries and all that along with it too.

(Graham - Mental health professional) #35

Yep, used it as few times in Birmingham - really efficient, if limited, service.


Unfortunately Amazon distribution centres are modern day’s Victorian Workhouses for the less fortunate folk. Yes, you get it cheap, you get it fast, but many get very little for this convenience. I wish more employers were as responsible as Monzo is in ensuring their staff wellbeing :ok_hand: