Ebay cant verify my Monzo account

Hi, just some my first item on eBay, and then I need to set up my payout method and was unable to verify my bank accounts. Getting this “We couldn’t verify this bank account. Please provide a different bank account.”

Spoke to customer services at Monzo, nothing wrong with my account, and was told Monzo accounts are checking accounts (required for eBay) and allow direct debit

Another issue is the naming, the name of eBay account needs to match your Monzo account. I have tried my full name and my full name with the second name initialed

Has anyone experienced similar issues was able to figure it out? eBay customer services suggested I get a new bank account (not helpful and as they count not say which account they wanted)

I use eBay with my Monzo account with zero issues. For paying and getting paid.


Stupid question but are you sure you’ve put in the right details, not a number out or anything. I use Monzo with eBay just fine for both business & personal transactions, PayPal too.

Good luck with solving it :slight_smile:

That sounds like you might be in the US. Do you have a US Monzo account?


Unfortunately, it’s the correct info. eBay community forum and customer services suggested i get a new account just for eBay with highstreet bank.

I have a UK Monzo account, it’s strange, I’m unsure how some Monzo accounts work and some don’t, there is another thread on this platform where 60% of the Monzo accounts users could not connect to ebay and the one person said after months of putting in the same details it just worked? hard to tell if ebay or monzo is the issue but i think its ebay

I’m having the same issue as well but I can’t connect it to my HSBC either. The details all match so I have no idea why it’s not working. Anyone have an update on this?


My issue was resolved, it is an ebay issue not a bank issue from what I can tell the experience

They have a list of banks accounts that work best with their system, mainly high st banks, Monzo isn’t one of them but can work

Monzo works but it seems there are “technical errors” on ebay, I spoke 8+ customer service representatives and eventually one of them sent me a link and then I updated my details there and it worked but it took 1.5 months

I’d share the link but it’s a security concern for my business, I would suggest you contact eBay customer services and ask for issue the be escalated because it can be resolved

They said it’s a rare issue but I don’t think it’s rare based on what I researched

Hope this helps,