Set up Monzo as bank on Etsy

Hi I have been asked by Etsy to contact my bank to verify my account but I’m not sure how to do this. I just opened an Etsy shop and would love to have my payments come through Monzo. Thanks I’m advance for you help

I just googled it…


Yes but they said they cannot verify my account and that I need to re-enter my bank details but when I try it says that I can’t enter the same details again. And that I need to contact Monzo.

Contact them

In app… Search for contact us

By all means try reaching out to Monzo but I can’t see how they can help with an error you’re getting on the Etsy website due to trying to enter the same details twice.

The error you’re getting sounds generic and personally I’d be asking Esty - but you never know :man_shrugging:

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Do you have another bank account to try? Then try Monzo again? Or delete the details?

This sounds more like an Etsy issue than Monzo.

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And you are 300% sure you entered the details correctly?

Something to consider is that anecdotally, Monzo do not like personal accounts being used for a business. Selling any kind of volume on Etsy is almost certainly a business use. And if you were not selling any volume, then you wouldn’t need Etsy.

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