EasyJet payment declined

I used my Monzo card on a flight home 31st October to pay for refreshments which came to £8.75.
By the time EasyJet presented the payment my card was out of date and it was declined. They keep re presenting the payment and it keeps getting declined. How can I get Monzo to process the payment using my new Monzo card.
I have tried every way to contact easyJet, but they don’t respond

Try their twitter account - they got back to me quite quickly - 10 minutes - when I had a problem with flights

I think easyjet might have outsourced some of the onboard shopping stuff.

I would contact Monzo in app, I expect its just a case of waiting, it might be that its not worth it for easyjet to do anything

Wouldn’t worry about it, suspect they’ll stop trying soon and just write it off