Easier ways to save and spend 💰 August 2022 updates

Hey everyone! :wave:

Many of you shared with us how you currently manage your money and, based on your feedback, we’re making it even easier to save and spend with Monzo. Here’s a round up of our newest features from this past month:

Save even faster with Advanced Pot round ups :honey_pot:

Round up transactions to your favorite Pot beyond just the nearest dollar. Choose a multiplier of 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x. For example, a $1.10 transaction would normally round up 90¢ but with a 5x multiplier, $4.50 will be rounded up to your Pot!

Suggested tip calculator at restaurants and bars :pancakes:

When you make a transaction at a restaurant or bar, you’ll also get a push notification with a suggested amount to tip. No need to be stealth with your phone calculator anymore!

Specify dollar amounts when topping up :tophat:

You can now enter a specific dollar amount when you use another debit card to add money to your Monzo account.

Refer friends and family to Monzo :smile:

A couple weeks ago, we added an easier way to share the Monzo love. Tap the gift icon in the Monzo app next to your profile photo and send your unique link to friends and family!

We’re still working hard on making your wishlists a reality! :muscle: Let us know how else we can help make your (financial) life easier!