Earlier Payroll for December

Right, not actually sure if this has been mentioned or asked before, but being December, the payroll date for December is earlier, instead of getting paid on my typical date or day before if it falls on a weekend, December I get paid 5 days earlier…

How will this effect the summary within Monzo, will it still calculate the summary based on the set pay date I set within the app or will it take into account the salary coming in earlier and adjusting for those 5 days?

I think it will just give you a huge “left to spend” difference as you’ll get paid again but Monzo won’t know that, well it will, it just doesn’t act on it.

When you get paid just manually tweak your summary dates for that month and start fresh from when your payment arrives.

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That works for me, just wasn’t sure if it readjusts to the earlier date or not, December is going to be a long month! :flushed: