Dvla direct debit name improvement

An improvement idea would be to have the vehicle registration in the dvla direct debit reference on monzo. It can be seen when downloading the pdf statement but not direvtly from the app. :slight_smile:

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There was talk about it in this thread, seems unlikely to be a change that will be made because people value the neatness of it just saying DVLA, it’s only really a benefit if you have multiple cars, but even then you can still see it. Not sure what you gain seeing it in the merchant name,


I don’t see any mention of my car’s reg anywhere in the Monzo app or statements. My DD with them was setup with another bank and moved to Monzo in Oct 2019 via the Current Account Switching Service. So I don’t think this would be possible for all customers anyway.

One approach could perhaps to add a tag with the reg number.

I liked it when it had the reg in the name so I could tell which vehicle each payment was for. :cry: RIP

Thanks for all the input

Maybe the reg could be added in the notes automatically, where theres currently a number

Hopefully these images help. Its hard to see, without downloading the statement, which vehicle cost what :slight_smile:

If you scroll down to the very bottom of the transaction, does it include the registration number there?

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Nope :pensive: