Duplicate Transactions/Transaction value retroactively changing (Tesco)

Has anyone else experienced duplicate transactions before in Tesco?
It’s happened to me a couple of times now.

Each time, I’ve purchased something from Tesco in the evening, the payment has gone through fine, and then later on, in the middle of the night, the transaction duplicates and I get charged twice.

In each instance, the original transaction has still been in a pending status (not surprising as its only a few hours later), but the duplicate transaction doesn’t show as pending.

Support have quickly refunded me each time, but warned that Tesco may try and take it again in a couple of days if they think they’re still owed the money.

The COps have said they have no idea why it happens, but that it does happen a lot with Tesco apparently.

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I’ve never had it happen, but it sounds like Tesco aren’t finalising the transaction properly, which is pretty poor for a company of that size.


Who knows, hopefully it’s something they can get to the bottom of!

Been happening for as long as I can remember in Tesco ( I remember dealing with them on a semi regular basis when I worked for them) there was a help article on the Tesco staff support that advised how to handle ghost transactions and there is a phone number and process to clear them down quicker but I’d be surprised if few staff know about it or even if it still exists!


I’ve never seen this

The only time I saw duplicate transactions at Tesco was a few months ago. There was a bug in Tesco Pay+ that caused it apparently.

They said they fixed that and gave me some extra clubcard points to apologise :smiley:

Never had this at Tescos (as such)

Had it on the Pay at Pump at Tescos though

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Tesco are a devil of a company and people shouldn’t shop there.

They have dominated the market and are pillaging small business.

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Tesco pay at pumps are offline. They do a £1 fee to ensure the card is valid and then process the payments in the bulk later. I always go into store to pay with tesco because its so infuriating.
Monzo changes the £1 to the correct charge when it’s processed by tesco. It shouldn’t be duplicated.

Had duplicate transactions only at Tesco… 3 or 4 times already.
They were reversed in 5 days

It’s bizarre. Has anyone experienced duplicate transactions anywhere else aside from Tesco?

I know it shouldn’t but it happened and I got refundedm

Had another duplicate transaction from Tesco yesterday - whilst I was sitting at work… :weary:.

I notified C-ops and they refunded me quickly, but what’s more worrying is the original transaction which Tesco had duplicated, retroactively updated on my feed to be more than what I had actually spent! It was only a small amount (£3.05 vs what I actually spent which was £2.70) but I only noticed it because I have round up switched on, and the total value changed from £3 with the roundup, to £3.35 which was obviously wrong.

I don’t understand how Tesco can change the value of my transaction at a later stage? It’s not like we are dealing with exchange rate fluctuations or anything lol. Or pay at pump or anything like that, we are literally talking about buying something in a Tesco supermarket!

C-ops are getting a specialist team to look into it now, I hope some sort of resolution can be found to prevent it happening. Thank goodness for instant notifications :blush:

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So since I reported this over a month ago, still no one from Monzo has been able to explain why a transaction in a shop could be retroactively changed, on the same transaction feed item, to a higher amount.

A complaint was raised (which I didn’t ask for) to a specialist team who were going to look into it and get back to me with a “final response” (language which I find initiates a feeling as though I have done something wrong :thinking:).

They got back to me weeks later, and addressed the other part of my query (duplicate transactions - which I still don’t really understand) - but still didn’t address the issue of a transaction value changing (a normal in-shop Tesco purchase, not a pay at pump scenario, or a foreign transaction settling at different exchange rate etc). I was given £30 from Monzo due to the duplicate issue - I wasn’t after any money and would have been happy with just an explanation and what to do moving forward.

I have been back and forth with c-ops since, and keep being told it will be escalated and someone will get back in touch, but nothing happens. Last Friday morning I was told it was being escalated to another specialist, but hadn’t heard anything as of this afternoon, so sent another message and was told again from the c-op that it would be escalated and someone would be in touch “within the next few business days”.

I feel stupid in some ways making such a big deal about a transaction changing from £2.70 to £3.05 - a small 35p increase. But it is the fact it could happen at all which has alarmed me, and I am still none the wiser as to why.

I wonder if payments wiz @Rika could possibly check this out?

As I have explained previously, I was alerted to the change in transaction value as my feed showed a £3.35 transaction which normally are nice round numbers as I have round up on. Drilling into the transaction shows £3.05 plus 30p round up - which makes no sense. 30p round up was on top of a £2.70 transaction (which initially showed correctly), and you can see in the screen shot from Apple Wallet (it was an Apple Pay transaction), that as I already knew, it was a £2.70 transaction, not £3.05.

Got a response from c-ops about this - so turns out the reason the transaction changed value was because Tesco used the wrong authorisation code, from another of my Tesco transactions, to deduct the money at the presentment stage of the transaction… the same issue that I have been told is causing the duplicate transactions too.

From the point of view of a total non-expert in the subject matter, it does surprise me that the way transactions are processed can allow these errors to be made, and I won’t pretend I really 100% understand it - so would still be cool to get Rika’s take on the matter :blush:.

Obviously this is an error Tesco are making rather than Monzo, but it would be cool if Monzo could work with Tesco on this/highlight the problem to them.
And in the meantime maybe have more info in the support section of the app about these problems.

In terms of notifying a user when it happens - with duplicate transactions this kinda already happens cos you get a notification.
But with a transaction changing value on the same feed item - you don’t get notified of this, so that could be useful.


The pumps can’t be offline. If they were you wouldn’t get the notification of £1 to ensure it’s valid.

Fuel pumps are really weird in how they work.

Changes coming though!

What a nightmare.

No wonder Tesco accounts are notoriously dodgy!!

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Yeah :tired_face:

What do you mean about Tesco accounts being dodgy?


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Oh wow ok :hushed: