Ability to download images, receipt, and details for single transaction

(Dawid) #1

I’m not sure if it’s possible already and I just can’t find it but I took some photos of receipts for business travel.

Now I want to send those images to the finance but when I enter the transaction and receipt I can’t download it and those images are not saved in Album on my phone. Do I need to photograph them again?

It would be an awesome feature to get some kind of pdf with the transaction details + any images saved with that transaction


On iOS, click the transaction, click receipt, click on the picture(it goes fulll screen), click the box arrow icon at top right, then choose save image from the iOS menu at the bottom.

(Dawid) #3

Sorry I should have mentioned I’m on Android and there’s no box arrow

(Kieran) #4

You can’t do it on android :frowning:
I think you can ask support and they will send you it :slight_smile:


On iOS at least you can go to summary and “Export and Bank Statements” The CSV download contains links to all your receipts in the period requested.


This is a great idea. I think it would complement this idea nicely: